The Weather vane is as old as civilization itself. Unless he / she definitely some, the cheapest and holds water pumping. The inventor of the vane of time is ignored, we know that Chinese and used the time before Christ vane.

For the special characteristics of the production, Fortuna Cata invention outperforms all its competitors because the oil bath lubrication process maintains permanent and perfect mechanical group for constant oil circulation, ensuring him / her the long duration and great economy, after the loss of the pieces is almost nil.

Made of solid and rigorous technical construction, with axes and rolamentos in dresses, perfect for lubrication oil bath process becomes him / it sensitive to lighter wind blow.

Easy installation in aa common good 60 meters deep, he / she has the capacity for 0-3000 liters per hour and provides a permanent water supply on farms, ranches and small farms.

Mechanize Campineira:
Can be with 6mts Tower. , 9mts., 12mts. or 15m., suitable for the media in the wells with aa 20 meters depth where the reservoir (box) will be intimate.

The machine element:
Can be with 9mts tower., 12mts., Or 15m. height, suitable for media with depth Wells aa 30 meters.

The big machine:

Can be with 9mts Tower., 12mts., 15m. or 18mts., media suitable for wells with depth aa 60 meters. or when there is need to press down on the water.


6 to 9 meters

To the media in the "Lands" High.

12 meters

To the media in the Air "Lands."

15 meters

To the media in the "Lands" Exclusion or if it tightens the assembly down (next to a river / dam).

18 meters

21 meters

24 meters