The Windmill

The piston is made of brass bronze, com 3.4 to 5 inches (as the depth) and the piston is coated with two bottles of strong single to maior duration.

The safety brake moves the tail of the mill at 90 degrees, the attached to the wheel, placing it to the wind profile at the same time slows the bucket wheel fully paralisando.

Continuing the pumping oil lubricates all of the parts permanently mobiles of the box, engrenages.

metal blades are shaped with pleats galvabizadas laterates for better utilization of wind power.

Contrarrayos rays and wheel are iron "L", not to suffer the estuerzo twisting rotation.

Diagonal braces are round iron, 5/16 what to stronger tower structure.

Engrenages box being closed hermetically protects the mechanism against dust, water, etc..