Mode means
The Rolling Mill is fixed (Catavento), in Wells Wrap Tank-Type Common or in fog, Tubular Wells (Semi-artesian) or beside river or dam.

The maximum diameter of the mouth of the well (or Tank-Type Fog)
Mills 1.20 meters with 6 meter tower height
1.40 meters for the Torre Molinos 9 meters Height
Mills 1.80 meters with 12 meters tower height
Mills 2.80 meters with 15 meters tower height

The minimum diameter of the mouth of the well tubular or semi-artesian
At least 4 "(inches) Internal ....

It is in accordance with variable Depth Well, as smaller depth Biggest Production Well will, while rolling in around 800 liters to 3,000 liters per hour, depending on the wind, The great secret is to Wind Mill have a tank top water consumption in their property because Catavento, no, he / she has the right operating schedule.

The assembly and tightens down
The Rolling Mill is set up next to a River, Dam and Lake, the sugando, water and doing presses him / it down the distance of up to 2000 meters, with height never tightens down it can be than 30 mts., in this case the production will also be very fickle, we need a good wind and we indicate for such installation mill 15 or 18 meters while the machine being "excellent", and with the camera Tighten it down and tightens the packing.

Piston Repairs: 1.5 to 3 years Machine oil: 4.5 liters of oil 140 (to change every 20 years)
OBS.: Customer need him to provide the type and diameter of the well to us ordered the correct sustentação.